Upgrade your old Nissan Leaf Battery up to 43 kWh

The Battery Pack

The original Nissan Leaf battery is made up of 24 or 48 AESC modules.

The fast charge, the lack of thermal management and low capacity, cause the battery to degrade faster than of other manufacturers

The RS Modules

Leafs from 2011 to 2016 can be easily upgraded up to 43 kWh, using our new RS Modules, getting almost double the range than the original cells, also having less heat degradation than AESC cells.

Our new modules will enable fast batteries upgrades anywhere in the world.

Why should I upgrade my battery pack

The Nissan Leaf was the first mass production EV in market.

It’s still one of the best selling EV in the world and their users are EV enthusiasts.

Unfortunately, Nissan has forgotten them with prohibitive replacing prices for their old battery packs and refusing the possibility for upgrading to larger packs other than the original included with car.

At Evbatteryrebuilds.com we take care of disassembling your old AESC cells pack and replace it with automotive grade cells, providing up to double the original range.

Your new pack will last longer and go further. It’s designed to last many years without the need to replace it.

We offer up to 2 years or 150.000 kms. full warranty in labour and parts, but we can’t provide any warranty about degradation.

How can I upgrade my pack

We have agreements with the best logistic and shipping companies in the world.

All you need to do is send us your battery pack and we will take care of the rest.

Shipping costs in Europe and Mexico are included in your final price.

US customers, please stay tuned, opening soon…

You can ask a nearby garage to help you disassemble it or do it yourself.

We’ll provide easy instructions about how to dismount it and prepare for shipping.

We will send you a container in advance to protect the battery and organize the safe transportation to our workshop where it will be rebuilt and ready to re-install.

Of course you can also bring us your Leaf to one of our headquarters in Spain or Mexico or also take it to one of our partners garages, and we’ll be pleased to perform the complete upgrade.

Upgrade is complete… what’s next?

Once the rebuilding process is finished, we will send you back the battery pack, ready to be installed in the vehicle by yourself or your local garage.

All internal parts will be your own, except the new modules and maybe the external enclosure.

We may use an alternative one in order to improve delivery times to you.

Once installed again, your car will be ready to drive!

What about the range display

With your new battery installed, your Leaf will be ready to drive from the first charge. However, the range display on the dashboard will not correspond to reality.

This can be easily solved with an additional external LCD display or by installing a Can Bus Bridge to show correct range in the dashboard.

Both options are actually available at your choice. Please ask us about them and chose one at your convenience.